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Custom Wood Lake & River Maps

Custom Wood Lake & River Maps

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Water Layers

Ideal for commemorating the purchase of a new lake house or paying homage to the memories of a current home. Also great for boating, fishing, or kayaking enthusiasts. Choose from one or multiple water layers. Includes your choice of icons, landmarks, and font style. 

Product Description:

Each map is made from premium birch or maple ply, and laser engraved. The frames are custom made with poplar and stained, painted or left natural. The entire piece is thoroughly sealed for protection to ensure a long lasting, quality product.

All roads, text, and icons are laser-engraved and appear dark brown or black.

Lake or river facts may be included depending on available information. 

 All maps will have a minimum of one water layer with the option to add multiple cut or engraved layers. Water layers come in the stain color of your choice. 

Depending on the chosen map size, islands may be cut out and raised within the water layer or laser-engraved. 

 The frames are made of poplar wood and come in three color choices: walnut, black, or natural. The entire piece is sealed with polyurethane. It is NOT recommended that you hang your wooden map art outdoors.

Product Specifications:

Maple plywood base is ¼ inch thick.

Total thickness with frame is 1 5/8  inches.

Actual size of wooden map art with frame:

11"x14" (12.5" x 15.5")

14"x18" (15.5" x 19.5")

18"x24" (19.5" x 24.5")

20"x32" (21.5" x33.5")

24"x36" (24.5" x 37.5")

36"x48" (35.25" x 46.5")

40"x60" (39.5" x 58.5")

Why buy from MapCuts?

Each map you purchase plants one tree through our partnership with One Tree Planted. 

 When will I get my map?

Our lead time is generally 2-4 weeks. Contact us at for current times. 

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